Flight Delay Leads to an Incredible Vivaldi Orchestra Airport Performance

Byvu lita

Nov 1, 2023

Passengers at Geneva Airport were recently treated to an unplanned musical performance. Performing a piece from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, the members of the Geneva Chamber Orchestra decided to cheer up the airport. The group found themselves stranded at the airport due to a flight delay. Seeing that their wait would be a while, the musicians naturally took out their instruments. They took the unexpected time, waiting for their flight to Venice, to give the other waiting passengers an impromptu concert.

Violinist Fabrizio Von Arx led the musicians as they passionately played through the selected upbeat classical piece. With smiles and laughter, the musicians were pleasantly surprised at the passengers who stopped to watch them play. With haunting acoustics under a stairwell of the airport, the music flowed freely through the space. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of waiting in an airport, especially for a delayed flight, we think you will great appreciate this stairwell concert! Classical music has been proven to make the listener smarter, perhaps it also makes them calmer! We found this so soothing and would love to experience such a wonderful concert in such a stressful place as an airport!

The video was originally posted by Pascal Bitz, a photographer from Geneva. With the caption “This is what happens when classical musicians wait for a delayed flight at 10:00pm” Pascal shared the now viral video. We don’t think he expected the video to travel around the world as quickly as it has! What a blessing that he was there at the same time as this talented group of musicians and was able to film their mini-performance!

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