Four Flamenco Guitars Take on Timeless ‘Für Elise’: Would Beethoven Be Amazed?

Byvu lita

Sep 19, 2023

‘Für Elise’ is one of those classical masterpieces that is identifiable after the first five notes. Beethoven’s most famous piece resonates throughout the world again, but this time in a different form.

This magical piece has been transformed. Instead of being performed by a single person on piano, it is now done by four handsome flamenco guitar virtuosos. This performance would’ve given even Beethoven himself goosebumps.

40 Fingers is an acoustic guitar quartet from Italy and has over 15 years experience of performing live shows. This video sees the band’s four members on stage at an empty concert hall, neatly dressed in black.

"40 Fingers" the acoustic guitar quartet

The song starts with those famous first notes performed by one of the band members, and then all join. Suddenly the Spanish flavor fills the air as the perfectly strung notes from all four men take the listener away on a magical journey.

The opening melody of the song is calming and familiar. But then the listener’s emotions are stirred by the development section and exiting chord progressions that build up and return to the opening theme once more.

The tension builds up toward the end and the finale. It becomes difficult to comprehend how the musicians can pluck and strum those flamenco guitars so gracefully without missing a note.

Angel Wong commented: ‘I can no longer play Für Elise on the piano. It’s never going to sound as mesmerizing as this.’ We tend to agree with Angel. It is almost as if the quartet managed to take this immortal song to yet another level of amazement.


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