Georgia Blake, 11, Delivers Stunning Performance of ‘House of the Rising Sun’

Byvu lita

Nov 2, 2023

The Voice is credited for discovering some amazing talent worldwide. The Voice Kids edition gives younger singers the opportunity to perform and has been a big hit among families and kids.

Georgia Blake

Eleven-year-old Georgia Blake recently appeared on Germany’s version of the show for the blind auditions. Georgia’s gravel-rich acapella voice belts out, “There is a house in New Orleans…” After a bluesy growl and the first line she receives two chair turns from the judges.

A twinge of a small smile appears at the side of Georgia’s mouth but she continues to sing the song “House of the Rising Sun,” and the remaining two judges turn their chairs well before she finishes.

Georgia Blake

Georgia’s voice has the soul of someone well beyond her years, and so the song, though about a mature subject, seems to somehow fit her voice. The audience is somewhat stunned by her voice at first and then erupts in applause at the end.

We see Georgia’s family tear up and jump for joy as they watch each of the judges pine for her to join their team. In the full version of the audition, one judge even plays piano for her and references the song, “Georgia On My Mind.”

Georgia Blake

Another judge sings, “I’m just calling to say I want you.” Sweet Georgia is torn and looks a little nervous, but she chooses her team and they offer her gifts as she walks offstage to join her family.

Georgia no doubt has a bright future ahead of her; we can’t wait to see where her beautiful voice takes her in the competition and beyond.

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