Heathrow Airport Gets a Musical Boost from Three Men and a Piano

Byvu lita

Sep 2, 2023

A lonely piano with the label “Play Me” stands alone at Heathrow Airport. Passengers rush to their terminals to board their flights, past the lone piano. Those that know how to play it know that beautiful music that mesmerizes listens can be played on it — jazz, country, classical, and rhythm and blues, to name a few.

As the piano stands alone, three men approach it and start playing it boogie-woogie style. The first man, Dr. K, does a count down. He says, “one, two..” and starts playing a honky-tonk tune. He plays it in the middle section of the piano. Suddenly, Kenji hops onto the right-hand side of the keyboard and starts playing joyous notes complimenting Dr. K.

Now it’s Terry Miles’ turn. He takes to the piano, and Kenji Moves away. Miles adds a jazzy twist to the song while Dr. K still plays the primary keys. By now they have lots of spectators, some watching while others are making a video. These three guys are “Bringing love, joy and Boogie Woogie to Heathrow Airport.” Their efforts are rewarded with a round of applause.

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