In 1969, Elvis Started Laughing So Hard On Stage That He Couldn’t Even Finish His Song

Byvu lita

Jan 31, 2024

Every once in a while, we get to see someone with staggering talent, so much so that it changes the course of culture and makes a huge impact on history. Such individuals seem so naturally gifted and go on to influence generations after them and win the hearts of the entire world. One of these people has to be Elvis Presley. He really needs no introduction—he was one of the biggest names in pop culture and still remains so to this day.

No wonder he is lovingly called the King of Rock and Roll! There has never been anyone like him, and perhaps there never will be another either. Elvis Presley was truly a gem in the music industry. He was an immensely talented singer and actor, and a really amazing person in general. The video given below features one of Elvis’ performances from 1969, and he really left everyone reeling with his hilarious performance!

He was singing “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” during his concert. But instead of singing the usual lyrics, “Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there?” he changed the words of his song to “Do you gaze at your bald head and wish you had hair?”. It seemed to be perfect, as moments later a man in the front row took off his wig and began swaying to the music.

Now what are the odds of that happening? After seeing that himself, Elvis couldn’t hold it together; he started giggling right during his performance! Check out this hysterical video below, and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you think!

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