Lizzo’s Flute Takes Center Stage in a Hilarious SNL Twerking Orchestra Sketch

Byvu lita

Aug 28, 2023

Lizzo’s flute landed a starring role in a Saturday Night Live sketch as the singer inserted her own flair into an orchestra’s classical performance. 

As all diehard Lizzo fans know, the “Truth Hurts” hitmaker is a classically trained flautist and often brings her flute – which goes by the name of Sasha and even has its own Instagram – to her concerts.

So it’s only right that Sasha would make an appearance in one of Lizzo’s SNL sketches when the singer pulled double duty as a host and musical guest on 16 April. 

In the skit, Lizzo played a musician auditioning for the DeVry Institute symphony orchestra after the conductor (Mikey Day) bemoans that the group doesn’t have a flautist ahead of a big performance. 

Luckily, Lizzo arrived just in the nick of time and showed off her impressive musical talents all while dancing. The conductor admitted that she is “quite talented” but believed she wasn’t the right “style” for the group. 

However, the rest of the orchestra said they were in “quite a bind” as their show was in just “three hours”. Even the harpist (Kate McKinnon) chimed in and told the conductor not to be “racist”. 

Eventually, the conductor agreed to let Lizzo join the group. But when she started playing again, Lizzo couldn’t help but twerk on the bassoonist, causing the conductor to interrupt their performance. 

“This is a traditional symphony – one where you sit down and play,” the conductor said. 

“Oh, you want me to sit down on the twerk? Got it,” Lizzo responded, beginning to play and twerk yet again – much to the bassoonists’ enjoyment. 

The conductor claimed that “nobody wants that”, but Kenan Thompson’s character said what all Lizzo fans were thinking at that moment, “I mean, I wouldn’t say nobody”. 

But Lizzo listened to the conductor and performed terribly while sitting down traditionally. Lizzo then admitted in a heartfelt speech – backed up by a dramatic solo from Aidy Bryant’s violinist – that the only way she can perform well is when she’s twerking. 

“The truth is the only way I can play the flute is if I’m twerking,” she said. “See, two years ago, I couldn’t play any instrument, and then one-day last summer, the ice cream truck pulled up, and I heard that jingle.” 

She continued: “And that beat had my body moving in ways that made me feel powerful like I could do anything, even play the flute.

“And the rest is history.”

However, the conductor said Lizzo’s twerking would be “too distracting” during their final performance. That’s when the violinist stood up and suggested that everyone could be twerking instead. 

“We are the DeVry Institute orchestra,” Bryant said. “We can do this together. And if that means I have to pop this booty for Beethoven, then so be it.”

Lizzo’s unconventional method then inspired the entire orchestra to start twerking while playing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”. 

Needless to say, fans loved witnessing Lizzo’s phenomenal flute and dancing prowess on SNL. 




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