Paul Petrescu and His Friend Captivate Shoppers with Their Amazing Performance

Byvu lita

Jun 11, 2023

Many malls and shops set up pianos and musical instruments outside to entertain patrons and encourage them to stay longer in the area. However, the incredible show that California’s Broadway Plaza shoppers were going to see caught them off guard.

The gifted player who sat down to play had all the authority and skill of a professional with years of experience. He wasn’t an adult, though; he was only six years old. This wonderful video was uploaded on the YouTube page of Paul Petrescu. He only started playing the piano last year, during the lockdown and explains: “I started the piano adventure in February 2020, after my dad bought me a keyboard. Now, the piano is part of my soul.”

In the video, Paul is sitting at the piano with a friend by his side. Paul plays beautifully for well over a minute without any sheet music. His technique is gorgeous, and he seems immersed in his playing.

Then, every so often, his friend joins in and plays beautiful harmonies that add a whole new dimension to the music. It’s incredible to find one six-year-old piano prodigy; two is unbelievable! It’s a shame we don’t know the identity of the other little boy, but maybe he’ll start a channel of his own one day.

Even though everyone watching is wearing a mask, you can see their wide smiles by the crinkling around their eyes. When the performance ends, the whole crowd applauds enthusiastically and cheers. I’m sure seeing these gifted little boys made their day.

Viewers on YouTube appear to feel the same way. The video on Paul’s channel has already been viewed over 1 million times since it was uploaded in September (2021). It’s far and away Paul’s most popular video, but I suspect his fame will build quickly from now on. It also begs the question, if he is this good now at six years old, what will his skill be like at twelve, or fifteen, or eighteen years old? This amazing young man is definitely someone we should keep an eye on.

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