Reba Chokes Up On “The Voice” When 16-Year-Old William Alexander Performs A Song For His Late Grandpa

Byvu lita

Mar 9, 2024

Some of the best performances are the ones that come from the heart. This is clear in William Alexander’s audition for The Voice. At only 16 years old, he takes to the stage like a total professional. His choice in song couldn’t have been more perfect: the viral hit ceilings by Lizzie McAlpine. With his smooth tone, he’s able to add his own flair to the song, making it a hit with the coaches and fans.

As is the case with most who perform on the show, William is a bit nervous at first. But like Dan Smyers says, his performance gets “exponentially better with every single line.” It’s no wonder, then, that Reba McEntire and Chance the Rapper want him on their team.

“Singing that song, I was actually singing it for my grandfather who passed away last year,” Alexander shares, getting a bit emotional. “He always said that he believed in me, and it’s just crazy being here now.”

As someone who is often inspired by her own loved ones, McEntire is quick to share her own experience.

“When I sing a song and I’m thinking about my mama… I start gasping and then I can’t sing anymore,” McEntire admits before asking the young singer how he does it.

William Alexander closes his eyes as he sings into the mic on "The Voice."

“I just pictured him hearing this and seeing me do this and it just made me feel so proud to be here,” William explains.

William Alexander’s Audition for The Voice Leaves Reba McEntire in Tears

“Wonderful,” McEntire says, getting choked up herself. “You’re going to have somebody all the time.”

Reba McEntire wipes her eye with a tissue as she sits in her chair on "The Voice."

When her turn to speak ends, McEntire can be seen carefully wiping her eyes with a tissue. This deep connection between the two of them could very well be a factor in William choosing the country star as his coach.

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