Swift Quake: Taylor Swift’s Eras concert in Seattle triggered seismic activity of magnitude 2.3

Byvu lita

Jul 29, 2023

Taylor Swift’s recent concerts in Seattle reportedly caused seismic activity comparable to a 2.3 magnitude earthquake, according to a geology professor and seismologist from Western Washington University named Jackie Caplan-Auerbach.

Caplan-Auerbach analyzed the seismic activity generated by Swift’s performances at Lumen Field on July 22 and 23. She discovered similar seismic waves on both dates, but couldn’t determine if they were caused by the fans or the sound systems. Caplan-Auerbach intends to further investigate the matter.

In a tweet, she mentioned that she is not fully convinced that the seismic activity was solely due to dancing, as the signals from both nights were remarkably similar. She also acknowledged that the concert-goers were likely unaware of any geological activity since the recorded data from the seismometer fell mostly below the range of human hearing.

According to The Seattle Times, Swift’s concerts in Seattle broke attendance records at Lumen Field, with a total of over 144,000 people in attendance.

To add context, Caplan-Auerbach compared the seismic activity caused by Swift’s concerts to the renowned “Beast Quake” from 2010. During a playoff game, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch scored a last-minute touchdown, triggering significant activity recorded at a 2.0 magnitude on a seismograph as a result of the fans’ excitement.

Caplan-Auerbach’s next step is to align the seismic activity beat-by-beat with Swift’s setlist to determine how the songs influenced the shaking. To aid her research, she has established a Google Drive to collect videos from the concerts.

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