Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Got Totally Opposite Reactions To Their Bikini Photos

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Jun 21, 2024

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are both notorious for making headlines. While the music superstars haven’t shared the news since their feud started in 2013, both Taylor and Katy bodies made headlines in 2024.

The unbelievably wealthy “Cruel Summer” singer was photographed by the paparazzi in a yellow bikini alongside boyfriend Travis Kelce in The Bahamas. Immediately, the March 2024 photos drew significant media and online attention. Partially because Swift’s body looked like it had gone through a cosmetic transformation.

On the flip side, Katy Perry’s bikini body also drew attention in June 2024 after losing weight. Rumors then started to swirl about a possible Ozempic use. We will discuss the public reactions to both Taylor Swift’s candid bikini pics as well as Katy Perry’s noticeably thinner body as well as how they differ.

Reactions To Taylor Swift’s Bikini Vacation Photos Sparking Plastic Surgery Rumors

Taylor Swift has been open about fixing her teeth in the past but all other cosmetic and plastic surgery accusations are just rumors at this point. The “August” singer has kept her mouth shut about whether or not she’s altered her body in any way, adding further allure. After all, this is the woman who once refused to show her belly button in public.

But those days are long since over. Especially with paparazzi images from Taylor and Travis Kelce’s Bahamas vacation in March 2024. In which, Swift can be seen galavanting next to her shirtless NFL-star boyfriend. But it was what Taylor wore that drew attention.

In a Daily Mail article written by Lillian Gissen, Taylor Swift was praised her her incredible body: “Dressed in a skimpy yellow bikini from the brand Montce, the singer showed off her stunning physique during the intimate beach day.”

Taylor Swift live Eras tour
via Disney 

While other publications, such as Glamour and Elle, focused on Taylor’s yellow stripped bikini and where to buy it, The Daily Mail and Page Six led the charge with comments about how toned her body looked.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Bahamas vacation photos also drew attention for the sheer amount of PDA in them. Taylor’s comfort with public displays of affection has come a long way since she was spotted walking around in a bikini with her ex-boyfriend, Conor Kennedy.

But PDA isn’t the only difference the media and fans in the comment sections noticed. In Taylor’s photos with Conor Kennedy, she has a noticeably less curvy body. While her butt has become more defined, likely due to diet and exercise, Taylor’s chest is noticeably larger.

Taylor Swift with ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy
Via: Instar

It’s true that Taylor Swift has grown up a lot since her 2012 beach pictures with Conor Kennedy, her chest size is particular. Following the release of the images from her 2024 Bahamas vacation, numerous fans online claimed that she had breast augmentation. This was backed up a board-certified plastic surgeon named Dr. Norman Rowe, who said the following to Life & Style:

“[Taylor Swift] had a breast augmentation. This is the only explanation.”

Dr. Marc Everett, another plastic surgeon, spoke to The Daily Mail about Taylor’s possible breast augmentation and agreed that it appeared as though she received one. Although he stated that Taylor likelyreceived a submuscular implant.

While Taylor Swift has never admitted to having a breast augmentation ( or any plastic or cosmetic surgeries, for that matter), fans seemed to agree with Dr. Rowe and Dr. Everett. After all, her breasts appeared notably larger, more pronounced, and higher on her body. Not just in the candid beach photos with Travis Kelce, but for years.

In fact, Dr. Everett told The Daily Mail that Taylor appeared to have received a minor breast augmentation in 2012 and another one in 2022. While the procedures were likely minor, they would account for Taylor’s arguably larger cup size than when she was younger.

As for fan reactions to the candid bikini photos of Taylor Swift on a Bahamas beach with Travis Kelce, comments on The Daily Mail varied. While some were focused on Taylor’s bust, others were annoyed the publication claimed her bikini was “skimpy” as it was pretty typical of a bikini. On top of this, even those claiming not to be Swifties were disgusted with the paparazzi for invading Taylor and Travis’ private beach moment.

Comments included:

  • “Her suit is not skimpy compared to a lot of what is parading around beaches in today’s world. I think her suit is nice and flattering.”
  • “She’s not showing anything off. She’s wearing a bikini on a beach (which people tend to do), and some creepy photographer has taken it upon themselves to photograph her while she’s trying to enjoy a holiday with her man.”
  • “Totally normal figure for a healthy female her age. Eats normal and goes to the gym to maintain stamina for dancing/performing.”
  • “They have normal body types and aren’t trying to show off.”

Comments on Page Six’s YouTube clip were also varied, with these stand-outs:

  • “She is beautiful and so hot looking in this bikini.”
  • “Invasion of privacy let the poor girl have a peaceful vacation”
  • “They are both way out of shape”

While the media and fans’ obsession with Taylor Swift’s body will likely continue, it should be noted that the “My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys” singer has a right to her privacy. Additionally, she has never confirmed that any of the rumors regarding alleged cosmetic surgery are true.

Fans Questioned The Media’s Reaction To Katy Perry’s Weight Loss In Her Swimsuit Photos

Like Taylor Swift’s candid bikini body pics, Katy Perry scored a ton of attention for what’s happened to her body. In June 2024, both staged and candid images of Katy wearing a white bikini landed on the internet. Katy wore a tiny white bikini in order to promote her new music. However, it wasn’t the abundance of skin that grabbed the attention of the media as much as it was noticeable how much weight she had lost.

Katy Perry’s body has fluctuated over the years. But fans all over the internet couldn’t get over just how fit and skinny she appeared in the bikini images. The bikini shoot, which was a collaboration with photographer Jack Bridgland, sparked rumors that Katy was on the weight loss drug Ozempic. Even Perez Hilton wondered if the “Roar” singer had taken to the popular weight loss drug.

However, in an exclusive by The Daily Mail, it was revealed that Katy did not take Ozempic. Instead, she has been working out extremely hard, as well as watching what she was eating, in order to improve her fitness.

According to The Daily Mail, Katy has adopted her fiance, Orlando Bloom’s fitness regime and has cut out processed foods and limited alcohol consumption. An insider told The Daily Mail the following:

“[Katy Perry] has been working out more because she wants to do some shows to support her upcoming album, so now is the time to look great.”

The insider went on to say, “Her weight loss has nothing to do with any help from Ozempic or weight loss drugs.”

Unlike the reaction to Taylor Swift’s bikini photos, people in the comment section on The Daily Mail mostly attacked Katy Perry. They weren’t upset about the publication’s fixation on Katy’s body. Instead, they overwhelmingly believed The Daily Mail’s insider and Katy were lying about not taking Ozempic.

Here are a few of their comments:

  • “The SECRET has been OUT and it’s called Ozempic.”
  • “Genuinely Ozempic, you can see it in the face when someone has dropped too much weight too quickly and unnaturally. She’s NEVER been that skinny even in her 20s.”
  • “What happened to natural beauty? Everyone looks the same these days, not just celebs but people out and about – completely line free motionless faces, big lips, tattooed eyebrows etc. It seems botox and fillers have now become as routine as having a haircut. She looked just fine pre-Ozempic. I don’t buy the diet/exercise claim.”
  • “All these people suddenly discovering exercises or foods that help them lose all that weight they kept on for 10 years as soon as Ozempic goes mainstream. Not a coincidence.”
  • “This is totally ozempic without a doubt. Nice try.”
  • “Ozempic filters photoshop and money, the list goes on and on.”

At the time of this writing, Katy perry has neither confirmed or denied whether Ozempic has played any part in her 2024 weight loss. However, we do know that she and Taylor Swift both were treated unfairly for their bikini pictures. Albeit for different reasons.

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