Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Find Themselves Trapped In An Emotional Storm As Relentless Pressure Mounts From Their Families, Pushing Them To Get Married

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Jun 14, 2024

When it comes to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, it seems everyone in the world is rooting for them. Fans adore the couple and are hoping they will stay together forever, and Travis’ teammates have said they want the couple to take the next step.

Jason Kelce owes a lot to Swifties, but he also realizes the pressure that comes with that type of fame.

While Taylor and Travis appreciate the support, their families are apparently going overboard, and they allegedly feel stifled by their insistence that they should get engaged soon. They are very happy together, but it’s a big step, and having friends and family pressure them is taking a toll on them.

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce’s Families Are Pressuring Them To Get Engaged

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been together for less than a year, but their relationship seems to have progressed very quickly. Swifties adore the power couple and have been eagerly waiting for them to take the next step in their relationship, but it seems they are not the only ones who have been pushing Taylor and Travis.

Reportedly, their families are looking forward to the couple getting engaged, and it’s starting to annoy them.

The constant questioning from friends and family is starting to really get them down,” a source revealed. “Not a day goes by they don’t get hit with gentle hints and questions.”

Travis Kelce is especially having a hard time dealing with his family’s expectations.

“The social media and fan chatter about an engagement is bad enough, but he also gets questions from friends and the more he’s pressured, the more he withdraws,” the source went on.

Taylor Swift is annoyed about it as well, but she’s apparently better at setting boundaries and has shut her friends down when they get too curious.

“Her friends bring it up all the time, and she’s ordered them to stop mentioning it. The constant questions are not helping.”

Taylor Swift is reportedly not worried about the relationship and is looking forward to getting engaged, but she doesn’t want family pressures to influence it. “She’s a hundred percent sure that Travis is The One, and she’s just hoping the proposal happens soon, because she wants to get on with the next stage of their lives,” the source concluded.

Taylor Swift’s Family Is Happy She’s With Travis

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce at Coachella

Taylor Swift’s family couldn’t be happier about Taylor and Travis’ relationship. In addition to making the singer very happy, her parents are happy the Kansas City Chiefs star is there to look out for her, as they worry her fame might put her in danger.

Taylor’s family and everyone who knows her is so relieved by her relationship with Travis – not only because she is madly in love but also because he makes her security personnel job much easier,” a source told the Daily Mail. “Travis is a big dude and no one would mess with him because, when it comes to Taylor, he would not play if someone tried to come near her. She has a built-in bodyguard at all times.”

Sam Heughan says he plans on seducing Taylor Swift at her concert in Scotland.

Apparently, Travis Kelce feels the same way and is very protective of her.

“Travis has vowed to keep her safe and there is no doubt about this. No one will try to come close to her when she is holding hands with her powerhouse boyfriend,” the source added.

As great as it is that their families are supportive of their relationship, when and if they want to get married should be up to Taylor and Travis and no one else.

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