“The Voice” Singer Asher HaVon Earns All Chair Turns And Chooses An Unexpected Coach

Byvu lita

Apr 1, 2024

Asher HaVon is the talk of The Voice fans after his stunning rendition of an Adele classic.

The 31-year-old Selma, Alabama, native performed his jaw-dropping blind audition on March 4th. He showed amazing range and voice control as he belted Set Fire to the Rain and earned an instant chair turn by Chance the Rapper—Reba McEntire and Dan + Shay followed shortly after.

It wasn’t Asher’s first time singing to an elite crowd. He also performed for President Barack Obama during a Civil Rights commemoration in Selma, and he mentioned that he regularly sings for churches.

Nonetheless, before singing, Asher HaVon said that being on The Voice was “the grandest thing” he has ever experienced.” and having a triple chair turn proved him right.

“Asher, what an incredible voice you have,” Reba gushed. “Your range, your power, I couldn’t wait to turn around and see what you look like.”

“The Voice” Coaches Fight Over Asher HaVon

Dan + Shay praised Asher’s technique and style and connected with him over their shared gospel singing.

Chance joined in and enthusiastically offered to help take his singing career to the next level.

“I instantly turned around because I can tell you’re trying to win this competition, and you should,” he said. “Everything that you did was phenomenal. Like, it was next level. I was blown away by it, that’s why I immediately turned around.”

Surprisingly, gospel and soul singer Asher HaVon went with country star Reba McEntire. But he did not that Chance was his close second choice.

Asher HaVon choses Reba on The Voice

“I loved Asher’s voice,” Reba said after earning the new teammate. “It was powerful; It was on pitch; It was the rounded package.”

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