These Musicians Take the Stage for a Classic Performance, But Wait till You See What the Guitarist Did at The End

Byvu lita

Oct 31, 2023

This band, called the Canadian Tenors, are famous for their incredibly touching performances, and the one shown in the video here is no exception. It was taken from a TV show for PBS. Wait until you see it for yourself, your jaw is going to drop instantly. The way that they rock with classical music is really special, a real treat for your hearing! The way the piano, the guitar, and all the voices sound together just makes me shiver with joy, it really is something else.

The little guy playing the piano is called Ethan Bortnick. He is very talented, and he has been playing the piano since he was very little. It definitely shows! He starts the song by himself, but when the rest of the band joins in, you’ll feel chills crawling down your spine. Maybe you’ve heard many different versions of Hallelujah before, since it’s such a classic song, but don’t miss the chance to listen to this one. It could be the best cover of the song ever!

You can hear this incredible live performance of the song in the video embedded below. Did you like it? Tell us in the comments below!

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