Watch F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton Surprise Lang Lang with His Unexpected Piano Skills

Byvu lita

Nov 3, 2023

Lewis Hamilton is known the world over for his tremendous skill in the Formula One racing arena. Since 2007, he has raced in countries and on circuits in a plethora of countries and left his impact on the world of sport through many victories. What might come as a surprise, however, is that Hamilton has quite the delicate side, and has been learning to play touching melodies on the piano.

That’s what the world learned when a video emerged in 2020 of Lewis Hamilton behind a piano, happily playing several passages. He wasn’t alone, however; he was accompanied by the legendary virtuoso pianist Lang Lang, who joined him for a jam session whilst the two were in Paris at the same time. Watch this incredible video below:

In the clip, you can see Lewis Hamilton carefully and delicately playing the core melody to Adele’s now-infamous hit “Someone Like You”. This heartfelt piano passage took the world by storm upon its release, and quickly catapulted itself through the global charts. It doesn’t take long for Lang Lang to begin to add notes and chords of his own, adding depth and more flavor to create a beautiful duet from this unexpected jam session.

After playing some Adele, Lang Lang takes the piano lead and plays some classical Beethoven for Lewis Hamilton. Whilst playing his infamous piano arrangement, Moonlight Sonata, Lang offers some helpful tips to improve his piano playing, whilst also smiling strongly at the racer as they discuss a common passion of theirs with enthusiasm. The light on each other’s faces as they discuss the piano instantly shows how much the instrument means to them, and is a real heartwarming moment.

Sometimes, it can be rather easy for many to assume that global personalities – in whichever arena they find themselves in – are made for simply that purpose alone. Actors only act, racers only race, and footballers only play football. Time and time again, however, these larger-than-life figures have proven the many wrong, by demonstrating their hobbies and passions outside of their main craft.

For example, when Brad Pitt isn’t making women swoon the world over in his latest movies, he loves to attempt pottery whenever he gets the chance. According to sources, this is a loving pastime for himself and Leonardo DiCaprio to do together for hours on end, which is an adorable thought that very few of us would have ever expected. Kiefer Sutherland, from 24 fame, is also a fully accomplished singer-songwriter outside of his television roles, with tours spanning the world over.

In fact, many celebrities have a rather unexpected musical side. Johnny Depp, who plays the unmistakable Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, amongst many other roles over the years, is an incredibly keen guitarist. He has been a part of several bands over the years, but his most successful by far is the supergroup Hollywood Vampires, formed of Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry.

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