When Dave Grohl’s 12-Year-Old Daughter Blows Everyone Away With Her Outstanding Adele Cover

Byvu lita

Dec 18, 2023

Violet and Harper Grohl – Dave’s Talented Children

There’s no doubt that Dave Grohl is an extremely talented musician. He was a member of two of the biggest and most influential bands of the 1990s, and the Foo Fighters are still releasing hits today. Perhaps it’s not surprising that when it comes to both Dave’s daughters, Violet and Harper Grohl, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The father-daughter team performed a beautiful duet together at the Notes and Words concert to raise funds for the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital based in San Francisco. Dave headlined the event and performed many of the Foo Fighters’ greatest hits. He played acoustic versions of Times Like These, My Hero and Everlong to the obvious delight of the audience.

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After his set, Dave introduced his daughter and welcomed her to the stage for their duet. Violet showed amazing confidence considering she is only 12 years old. They performed Adele’s gorgeous ballad When We Were Young, and the beauty and power of Violet’s voice are truly impressive. Few singers can measure up to Adele’s legendary talent, but Violet took it all in her stride.

In fact, before the performance, proud dad Dave told the audience, “I remember her saying, ‘Dad, you’re not even the best singer in the family. And she’s right!” Maybe in a few years, Dave won’t be the most famous member of his family anymore. On that same night Dave was also joined by his other daughter, Harper Grohl, and sung a duet of “The Sky is a Neighborhood”.

After this sublime performance, believe it or not, the Grohl family kicked it up another notch. Dave and Violet launched into an acoustic rendition of The Sky Is A Neighborhood, but they weren’t alone. Violet’s sister Harper joined in even though she is only nine years old. Harper is also a chip off the old block and seemingly designed to follow in her father’s footsteps; she played the drums while Violet provided backing vocals.

Finally, the girls took centre stage with Violet singing queen’s foot-stomping anthem We Will Rock You, accompanied by Harper on drums. It seems safe to say that we can expect some amazing performances from these two talented young ladies in future. Who knows, maybe one day Dave will join them on stage as their backup!

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