Ed Sheeran surprises a superfan by performing an unexpected song at her home. He reveals that he secretly recorded a live version of his new album in fans’ homes, leaving the superfan in tears of joy


Jan 8, 2024

Ed Sheeran has a bit of a habit of delighting fans around the world, and his recent antics are nothing short of magical.

The Shape Of You hitmaker, 32, shared the glorious video in which he can be seen performing his decade-old song Wake Me Up to a sobbing fan.

Alongside the heart-warming clip, Ed explained how he is recording a live version of his upcoming album Autumn Variations – in his fans’ houses.

Yep, you heard that right, the acoustic legend is stepping into his fans’ homes and – surprise! – recording the album in their living rooms.

But during this particular visit, on seeing a keyboard, Ed couldn’t resist giving his mega-fan a special performance.

The ecstatic fan watched as her idol sat down at her keyboard, and she hurriedly cleared off some receipts and junk to give the megastar a clean surface to play on.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 19: Ed Sheeran performs during the Heart and Armor Foundation benefit concert at The Wiltern on September 19, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Timothy Norris/Getty Images)

Ed began singing, and the fan clearly choked up as she mimed along to some of the words with tears in her eyes.

‘I haven’t played this in like 10 years,’ said Ed of the song, which is from his 2011 album ‘+’.

Taking to the caption of the video, Ed wrote: ‘So I did some surprise pop up gigs in fans houses, secretly recording a live album of Autumn Variations where each song is recorded in a different fans living room, but all of it was a total surprise. We got to @kariconaway ‘s house at the end of the day, and I instantly knew it was gonna be a fun one.

Ed Sheeran crashes fan’s wedding and it was ‘magical’

‘They had cats, friendship bracelets and some fruit drinks to start, but once I’d played the Autumn song I said take me on a tour, and when I went into her room I saw a piano.

‘She asked if I could play and I said ‘not really but I kinda play on wake me up’, so here I am playing Wake Me Up, for all the Plus fans out there.

‘The fan living room live Autumn Variations album coming soon, proper album out 29th September go preorder you legends x.’

This comes after the Perfect singer crashed a fan’s wedding with a rendition of his new song Magical.

The star has also been known to give surprise school assembly performances, and to whip out his guitar at local pubs. You know, just for the craic. What a legend.

Autumn Variations – the star’s second album of the year – drops on September 29.

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