Ed Sheeran surprises fans by becoming a part-time employee at the Lego Shop, treating everyone to a performance of ‘Lego House’ that had the entire shopping center buzzing


Jan 8, 2024
Singer works a shift as “brick specialist” at the Mall of America between Twin Cities gigs
Ed Sheeran Played 'Lego House' Outside a Lego Store

Ed Sheeran’s current tour has witnessed the singer staging impromptu gigs all over the country — from Boston recitals to Nashville pubs — but Saturday brought his most on-the-nose pop-up yet as he played his “Lego House” outside a Lego Store in Minneapolis.

The self-proclaimed bricklayer visited the massive Mall of America in between gigs this weekend in the Twin Cities, with Sheeran — perhaps inspired by Lana Del Rey’s Waffle House cameo — laced up a yellow Lego apron and got to work as a brick specialist at the Lego Store, to the surprise of shoppers.

@edsheeranWent to the Mall of America to work in the Lego store / hand out LEGO sets and sing Lego house. LEGO!!!!♬ original sound – Ed Sheeran

Following his shift — where he helped consumers pick out mini-figures and seemingly autographed random Lego sets — Sheeran grabbed his acoustic guitar to perform his 2011 hit single “Lego House” outside the house of Lego.

The singer is currently on his simultaneous The Mathematics Tour and Subtract Tour, which finds him performing both an arena-sized and theater-sized gig in cities, as well as his surprise public performances. The North American leg  wrap up at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium on September 23.

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