Newborn Baby Girl Emerges as the World’s Tiniest Swiftie – Radiant Smiles Ensue as Mom Sings Taylor Swift Tunes


Jan 22, 2024

It’s often said that music is good for the soul, which is why this new mom hasn’t wasted any time in helping her daughter become a true Taylor Swift fan at just 3 months old.

Parey, who doesn’t wish to disclose her full name, told Newsweek: “From my reaction, you can tell it was hard to keep going and not stop, but I knew this was going to be a moment I didn’t want to forget. She loves music, but really Taylor Swift is the only thing she sings to.”

Parey with daughter singing Taylor Swift

As a lifelong Swiftie herself, Parey has had every step of her adult life soundtracked by the ever-changing music of Taylor Swift. The pop singer’s music has been there through it all, from joyously singing “Love Story” as a teenager, to getting through her pregnancy nausea with the help of “Reputation”.

However, after welcoming her daughter Scottie earlier this year, Parey is already working on turning her little girl into a Swiftie; well, you can never start too young. The Texas mom shared a video of herself singing “Is It Over Now? (Taylor’s Version)” to the 12-week-old, who couldn’t get enough of the music.

After the video was shared on TikTok (@notparey) on December 6, it instantly went viral, with more than 2.5 million views and 406,000 likes in a matter of days. Layered over the adorable clip, the caption reads: “When a Swiftie makes another Swiftie.”

Dr. Ibrahim Baltagi spoke to UNICEF about the importance of music in early development, and said introducing children to music should be done as early as possible. Baltagi added that music can aid many areas of a child’s development, including language acquisition and reading. However, it is notable that this process doesn’t just begin after birth because a baby in the womb starts to hear from around 16 weeks onwards.

Music can inspire a range of emotions in babies, children, and adults alike. So, introducing an infant to those emotions early on is a great way of allowing them to express themselves, even if it’s just a smile or clapping their hands. These are inherent instincts that parents can encourage and build, and in turn, children will develop their own expressions and preferences for whatever music suits them.

Knowing that Parey will have listened to the entire Swift repertoire (Taylor’s Version, obviously) throughout her pregnancy, it should come as no surprise that Scottie is now one of the pop star’s youngest fans.

“She loves all of Taylor Swift’s music, I even went to the Eras Tour with her in my belly. I was so sick that day, I stopped to throw up twice during the concert, but I still wouldn’t have changed a thing,” Parey said.

“She was born at home while we were watching the Reputation Stadium Tour movie on Netflix, and she was born 11 minutes later. We hope Taylor sees this and gives Scottie her own ticket so we can get her own bejeweled headphone for the show.”

Look away, Harry Styles, because the video of Scottie enjoying “Is It Over Now?(Taylor’s Version)” has delighted millions of fans. Parey has been inundated with requests to show her daughter’s reaction to other songs. Parey has loved the positive response she has received, and she even encourages people to continue making song requests. “The internet is a mean place, but this would make Taylor Swift so proud to see,” she added.

With more than 5,400 comments on the video already, so many people have praised the cherished moment between Parey and her daughter. One comment reads: “This is the content I truly hope Taylor Swift actually sees.”

Another person posted: “She was born a Swiftie.”

One TikTok user wrote: “Such a sweet memory captured! This will be a core memory for you mama!”

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