Opera Singer and Pianist’s Spontaneous Collaboration Captivates Shoppers in Paris Supermarket


Jun 27, 2023

This spellbinding video is proof that the best things in life happen unexpectedly.

It was just another day of people in Paris minding their own business and doing their shopping until Aurelien decided to take control of the public piano.

When he started playing Habanera From “Carmen,” a stranger decided to jump in and that was the beginning of something immensely beautiful.

The stranger beautifully complemented Aurelien’s piano play with his striking vocals and caught the attention of people all over the place.

“I was playing this public piano in the supermarket when an unexpected encounter happened,” the filmer revealed to WooGlobe.”According to the people walking around for their shopping, the moment was magic… it was as if time had stopped for a few minutes.”

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