The Ukrainian refugee’s extraordinary piano skills earned her a place at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music….


Jul 4, 2023
A 12-year old Ukranian refugee is following in the footsteps of Sir Elton John, Annie Lennox and Katherine Jenkins after her talent was spotted in Bristol. Rupert Evelyn reports
@itvnews 12-year-old Ukrainian pianist Kateryna Pyshniuk has just earned a place at the Royal Academy of Music in London #itvnews #ukraine #music #piano ♬ original sound – itvnews

A 12-year-old Ukrainian refugee has been accepted into the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London, thanks to her exceptional piano playing skills.

Kateryna Pushniuk and her mother Anna fled Ukraine due to the ongoing war and found refuge in Bristol, where they were taken in by a host family.

It was there that Kateryna’s talent was discovered, and she was given a full private school scholarship.

12-year-old Ukrainian refugee lands a place studying piano at the Junior  Royal... - Classic FM

The Royal Academy of Music was so impressed by Kateryna’s recital that they offered her a place on the spot. Her piano playing is not only impressive to the untrained ear, but also to experts in the field.

Despite the challenges she and her family have faced, Kateryna finds solace in her music. She says that when she plays, she is able to momentarily forget about the war and the fact that her father and brother are still in Ukraine.

Ukrainian refugee pianist, 12, wins place at music academy - BBC News

Kateryna’s acceptance into the Royal Academy of Music is a dream come true for her and her mother, who could never have imagined the opportunities that would be available to them in England.

She joins the ranks of renowned musicians such as Sir Elton John, Annie Lennox, and Katherine Jenkins who have studied at the Academy.

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