This person can flawlessly whistle Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto, a musical piece that earns him praise from everyone who hears it


Dec 21, 2023

This guy’s rendition of Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto through whistling is on a whole other level…

Who doesn’t revel in whistling? It’s a companion on commutes, in cars, and even in the shower—a portable, feel-good instrument. The beauty of whistling lies in its freedom. You can whistle anything: a catchy tune in your mind or a completely improvised melody. When it comes to whistling, rules simply don’t apply.

But tackling a concerto? That’s precisely what musical enthusiasts Jake Sele and Greg Smith undertook. They embraced Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto, the most frequently performed piece written for the bassoon (not your typical violin or flute!), and their rendition is nothing short of extraordinary.

Jake and Greg, those nature shots add a delightful touch to the whole performance!

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