Tilly Lockey: The Extraordinary Amputee Pianist Who Redefined Possibilities


Jun 29, 2023
The 14 year-old lost both her hands as a child, but thanks to her bionic arms she has been able to learn how to play the piano

After suffering from Meningococcal Septiceamia Strain B at just 15 months old, Tilly’s family were told she was likely to die.

However, she incredibly survived after having her arms and toes amputated.

Now 14 years-old, she is able to play the piano using bionic arms supplied to her by Open Bionics – a UK-based company developing low-cost bionic hands.

Tilly was originally told she would never be able to play the piano again, let alone walk or run. She has remarkably defied those predictions and now plays the piano to her 23,000 YouTube subscribers, as well as regularly posting make-up tutorials. Watch her perform Lady Gaga’s Always Remember Us This Way below.

Tilly appeared on ITV’s This Morning on 2 June to perform and talk about her piano-playing. Check out the video below.

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