Young Prodigy Mesmerizes Audience with Electrifying Rendition of Mozart’s Concerto No. 3 in D Major


Jun 30, 2023
Watch his unbelievable performance below!

Meet Elisey Mysin.

The Russian-born piano-lover, who is thought to be just 8-years-old (this is not confirmed), blew the audience at his concert away earlier this year when he performed Mozart’s Concerto No 3 in D Major effortlessly in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia.

Taking to the stage looking relaxed, the young player had to adjust his seat as his feet did not reach the pedals. But it wasn’t long before the magic started to flow.

Elisey calmly waited for his cue to join in with the accompanying orchestra before showcasing his incredible sense of style and interpretation.

Mozart’s Concerto No 3 isn’t an easy piece either. There are plenty of challenges within its quaver- and trill-heavy bars.

Elisha Russian young pianist

At the end of his performance he received two bouquets of flowers and a huge standing ovation, plus an encore demand from the audience. He politely obliged.

Elisey currently studies at an unnamed music school in Russia, and dreams of touring the world with orchestras when he is older. At the rate he is going, he’ll be doing exactly that for years to come. Perhaps he’ll even feature on the cover of Pianist magazine…

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