Donald Trump Hits 132M Views Singing “Havana” Cover On YouTube


Jan 30, 2023

It seems like there’s nothing technology can’t do nowadays. It can create monsters and vistas and even human faces. But has it gone too far? Some people would say so because technology has been used to make a terrifying cover of Camila Cabello’s hit song Havana.

What’s so terrifying about that, you ask? The cover is voiced by none other than former US President Donald Trump! The YouTuber responsible for this truly baffling creation is Maestro Ziikos. He’s been making these videos for ten years, and his first videos featured everyone from former French President Francois Hollande to Eminem and Barack Obama

In the last few years, he seems to have developed a bit of an obsession with Trump, as he features in most of the recent videos on his channel. Unfortunately, his latest creation has not been met with approval by Camila Cabello herself.

In the past, she has spoken out openly about Trump’s immigration policies. It’s likely to be a hot topic for Camila as she immigrated from Cuba to Florida when she was six. Trump’s immigration policies have been criticised by many and proved divisive.

Camilla labelled the policies as cruel. So it’s safe to say she wasn’t thrilled when this video dropped. She maintained her dignity, though. She tweeted, “Havana… sweetie… I’m so sorry…,”. It’s unclear whether she means Havana the song, Havana the city, or anything vaguely related to the name Havana. It’s probably all three!

Although it’s disturbing, this cover is very well executed, and it is definitely something you should watch at least once. Everyone is going to be talking about it, after all! It has now been watched 132.7 million times, by far Maestro Ziikos’ most popular video.

Some people just enjoy the fun of it, but others applaud all the work that must have gone into making the video. One commenter praised his work ethic, saying, “People should understand that this is not just the lyrics stacked up from his speeches but also he has adjusted the pitch of every single word he says to match with the song.”

Take a few minutes today to enjoy this unique performance, and if you’re still not satisfied when you’ve finished, check out the former President singing Dance Monkey. If you would like to see more from Maestro Ziikos, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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