14-Year-Old Sensation Delivers Stunning Duet with Jennifer Hudson Never Seen Before

Bythu lita

Apr 10, 2024

Jennifer Hudson recently featured Reid Wilson, a talented 14-year-old from Montgomery, Alabama, in her “Spotlight” segment.

Reid Wilson Jennifer Hudson Show

Reid, known for his viral singing videos, shared his love for artists like Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston. He listens to Hudson’s music daily, finding inspiration in her songs.

Reid started singing at a young age. He worked on refining his voice from its raw, “screaming” state to a more controlled sound. This transformation came with encouragement from his brother, Ryley Tate Wilson. Ryley, a semi-finalist on “The Voice” Season 23, played a pivotal role in Reid’s musical journey. Reid has been actively posting his singing videos for about a year.

During the show, Hudson applauded Reid’s talent and youth with a motherly touch. She said, “Y’all give him a hand cuz he’s a baby, and he knows he is.” Reid, respectful and humble, responded with “Yes, Ma’am”.

A highlight was their duet of Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way.” Reid’s powerful voice paired perfectly with Hudson’s.

Reid, a homeschooled teen, has various interests beyond singing. These include baking, crochet, gymnastics, baseball, and soccer. He aspires to pursue a career in singing, and his diverse talents hint at a promising future.

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