4-Year-Old Pianist Wows Crowd with Remarkable Skills

Bythu lita

Dec 28, 2023

This child prodigy from Torrance, California entertains the crowd and left viewers amazed with his amazing piano skills. 4-year-old, Evan Le, stuns the audience of the show Little Big Shot by performing the “Bumblebee” song.


The 4-year-old had been playing piano only for 3 months but is already an expert beyond levels un-imagined. He could replicate notes and chords by just listening without having the need to look at them.

Evan says he first learned how to play the piano by trying to copy what others were playing at the piano store and his favorite composer is Bach. He also likes to play chess and with blocks.

Host Harvey jokingly stated that Evan’s piano skills at such a young age has made everybody else feel like a complete failure and apologized to his own kids, that he had failed them as a father, unlike Evan’s parents. Not only he is good at piano, but Evan is also a composer and has written five of his own compositions.

This young man is surely made for greatness. He has a bright future and we can’t wait to see him on the big stage soon. We wish him the best in life.

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