Andrea and Virginia Bocelli Deliver Stunning Rendition of ‘Hallelujah’ That Leaves Hearts Soaring

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Apr 3, 2024
Andrea and Virginia Bocelli Hallelujah duet

Andra and Virginia Bocelli sound absolutely amazing as they team up to sing a beautiful ‘Hallelujah’ duet on a popular British program, Strictly Come Dancing.

While long-running television programs like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice and Dancing with the Stars remain popular despite their lengthy run, they still want to increase viewership.

So, to accomplish this task, those shows often use gimmicks like theme nights and bring other, more widely recognized performers on to sing, dance and even guest judge.

As it turns out, The United States of America isn’t the only country in the world where citizens tune in to watch other people ballroom dance. The Brits also apparently enjoy this type of television programming. But instead of Disney or Taylor Swift-themed nights, one British program went in a decidedly different and much better direction to try and increase viewership.

In a clip posted on YouTube, Italian musician Andrea Bocelli and his daughter Virginia appeared on an episode of Strictly Come Dancing – a show very much like Dancing with the Stars.

Andrea And Virginia Bocelli Sing Stunning Duet

The father-daughter duo appeared on the British program and performed the classic and beloved 1984 hit “Hallelujah.” As expected, it’s a lovely performance featuring two talented musicians.

The duet begins with young Virginia singing the opening lyrics. Her world-famous father sits next to her, strumming along on the guitar.

“Now, I’ve heard there was a secret chord

That David played, and it pleased the Lord

But you don’t really care for music, do you?

It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth”

After singing the opening verse herself, Andrea joins his daughter by singing the tune’s simple but memorable chorus. But the highlight of their entire performance is when Andrea begins singing in Italian about a minute into the clip.

It’s such an unexpected but welcomed twist, helping to make for a dazzling performance. The sound is beautiful despite likely not many in the audience or those watching at home understanding a word of Italian.

Ephesians 5:19 “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;”

WATCH: Andrea And Virginia Bocelli Sing ‘Hallelujah’

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