Anke Chen- The Child Prodigy Surprised Everyone When She Performed “Mozart”

Bythu lita

Dec 13, 2023

Anke Chen, also known as ‘Encore Chen’, is a piano-playing prodigy from Tianjin in northeastern China who has been wowing audiences across the world for a few years now.

Anke Chen plays with passion and personality. Born in 2011, Chen embarked on her music journey at just 4 years old with the aim of pleasing her father, who wanted her to learn to play the piano. Chen practices for 4 hours a day and has been featured on the TV show “Amazing Kids.”. She has also been dubbed a “modern Mozart” by the Chinese media. In the video below, Chen is only 5 years old, showing what incredible natural talent she has.

Chen is often seen smiling while playing, showing she really enjoys her public performances. After a TV interview, fans on social media said, “She absolutely loves what she is playing, and you can hear that in her music.”

With all her success online, Anke Chen has been uploading new videos regularly to her YouTube channel. You can watch her grow up and perfect her style throughout her videos. The video below is of Anke Chen at 5 years old, this time playing J.S. Bach Prelude No. 21 in B flat major.

She is an extraordinary talent with a great future ahead of her. I’m sure we will see her playing concert piano in many well-known venues soon enough.

In the video below, you can see Anke Chen playing on a TV show called “Little Big Shots” in Australia. Her performance starts at 3:07 after a translated interview with the host, Shane. This performance went viral and was watched globally. In the video, there is an unbelievable over-head shot that captures the speed of Chen’s fingers while she plays “Flight of the Bumblebee.”.

If you want to see more from this awesome young talent, check out her YouTube Channel and subscribe to follow her work.

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