At Just 11 Years Old, Broadway Dreamer’s Audition Proves He’s Ready for the Big Stage!

Bythu lita

May 20, 2024

Luke Islam is only 11 years old but says his lifelong dream has been to make it to Broadway. He started singing at three, performed regularly with his sister and hoped his America’s Got Talent audition would help him along. As you’ll see in the video below, it certainly did.


Luke, a native of New York City, had performed on stage a number of times before ever getting to AGT. He made it as far as “off-Broadway” but knew he needed a bigger platform if he was going to make it anytime soon. And then he makes it to AGT.

It didn’t start out perfectly for Luke because of a joke played by Simon. When asked who was his favorite judge, Luke said he liked all the judges. But he said if he had to pick one, it would be Julianne Hough because he saw a similarity between himself and his sister with Julianne and her brother. Simon playfully gives him the red rejection buzzer at that point, but then smiled and said it was an accident.

Once Luke starts singing, however, no one is playing around. It’s clear he is a professional and his rendition of Sara Bareilles’s “She Used to be Mine,” from the Broadway musical The Waitress stunned everyone and instantly brought the crowd to its feet.

And while all the judges were impressed, watch the video to see what his favorite–Julianne–does to help out his career.

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