Country Singer Mitch Rossell Brings Tears with Original Song Honoring Late Father on AGT

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Apr 3, 2024
Mitch Rossell AGT

Mitch Rossell on AGT left several with tears streaming down their faces as he performed a touching original song about his late father.

Music and songwriting are terrific outlets for people to express what can sometimes be hard-to-articulate thoughts and feelings about certain events in life. Art can be therapeutic for those who have endured the loss of a loved one or undergone some other tragic, devastating situation.

Mitch Rossell, a 35-year-old man from east Tennessee, suffered a world-shattering loss at just 10 years old. A drunk-driving incident resulted in the deaths of his father, grandfather and grandmother-in-law. Understandably, the sudden loss of his loved ones, especially his father, crushed Mitch.

However, one day after high school, Mitch decided he would finally learn how to play guitar, using the instrument his father had given him as a child.

“It was the only thing he ever really asked me to do,” Mitch said.

Mitch Rossell Moves AGT Judges With Heartfelt Song

After a few moments of back and forth with the AGT judges, Mitch Rossell got into his song. The entire room was dead silent seconds into his heartfelt and moving performance. The man performing, singing an original song about his late father, captivated everyone.

Several people in the audience were spotted wiping away tears from their eyes. The lyrics were simple, beautiful and told a story of love and loss.

“And he’d say, son, I hope you know how much I love you

And when you’re not with me, I’m always thinking of you

You’re the drive inside my heart, the reason I reach for the stars above

He said my world revolves around you, that’s why I call you ‘son'”

The studio audience and the judges responded with a standing ovation, thunderous applause and boisterous cheers.

After showering Matt with praise for his touching performance, the judges gave the young man from Tennessee four yes votes.

WATCH: Mitch Rossell AGT Audition Brings On The Tears

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