Dennis Quaid’s Soulful Rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ Is a Must-See Performance

Bythu lita

May 26, 2024
dennis quaid amazing grace

Dennis Quaid sings ‘Amazing Grace’ and his soulful and moving rendition of this beloved hymn are too good to miss!

Those who regularly attend church will hear several songs during the praise and worship portion of the service. It could be everything from the most popular contemporary songs to classic hymns.

What one hears will also depend on the type of church someone frequents. Some places of worship play strictly contemporary Christian songs, while others will focus more on the hymns. However, there are still other churches that will play a mixture of both contemporary and hymns. Regardless, those in churches will be familiar with many praise and worship songs.

Dennis Quaid Sings Soulful Rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’

One hymn everyone, churchgoer or not, is familiar with is “Amazing Grace.” In a clip posted on YouTube, actor Dennis Quaid performs the beloved song.

Dennis’ cover of the timeless hymn is a different take on “Amazing Grace.” Probably, mainly due to his vocal delivery, the song has more of a country bluegrass sound. It’s unlike any version of “Amazing Grace” that I’ve ever heard.

“Amazing grace! How the sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost, but now am found

Was blind, but now I see”

“Amazing Grace” is one of those songs that never loses its meaning, no matter how many times you hear it. The beautifully written lyrics are profound, perfectly articulating God’s incredible love, mercy and grace.

It’s an impactful and meaningful song to so many because it’s relatable. Everyone has found themselves in a position, likely many times, where they desperately needed God’s grace and mercy. The Bible states that all are sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God. Because of this fallen and sinful nature, every human needs God’s grace and forgiveness.

WATCH: Hollywood Actor Dennis Quaid Delivers Soulful ‘Amazing Grace’ Rendition

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