Doctors Surprise Crowd with Electrifying Lunch Break Boogie-Woogie Performance!

Bythu lita

Mar 27, 2024

While performing surgery, a doctor has to be precise on every move they make. Steady hands and full undivided focus are the core of the operation. Similar to a pianist who needs to glide their fingers through the keys to execute a soothing tune.


Now mix the two professions in one individual, you might just get the most magnificent work of art.

Initially, we see two doctors in a train station, one of them on a call. From the conversation, they seem to be on a short break before they resume their duty. A younger doctor begins to warm few chords on the piano.

Within few minutes the blond hair doctor playing the language of “boogie-woogie”. And in no time his senior doctor joins the piano. Furthermore, the energetic performance and the white coats attract the individuals walking on the station.

It turns out one of the “doctors” is none other than Dr. K, AKA Brendan Kavanaugh, who is a famous musician in London who dresses up as various characters and plays public pianos. But even if he’s a different kind of doctor, I’m pretty sure you’ll love this. Please press play and enjoy these great tunes and please leave us a comment on Facebook to let us know what you thought.

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