Guitarist Delivers a Soothing Cover of ‘Country Roads’ on a Double-Necked Slide Guitar

Bythu lita

Dec 12, 2023

Luca is an Italian guitarist who is best known for making popular music videos playing the guitar in complex and sometimes high-intensity performances.

The video below shows Luca’s wonderful ability to play a calming instrumental using a double-necked slide guitar. Sit back, relax, and listen to this wonderful acoustic masterpiece.

If you ever wondered what Mozart would have sounded like if he were a banjo-playing bluegrass artist, then here is your chance. The exceptional Italian guitarist called Luca Stricagnoli has taken on this 6-string banjo and recorded an incredible performance! Watch him in the video below.

The Italian’s videos are unlike any other acoustic guitar videos you’ll have seen before. He sometimes plays 2–5 guitars at the same time by utilising the finger-tapping technique. In some of his videos, he plays a guitar that has two necks. This coordination and skill allow Luca to produce multiple melodies, including bass and percussion, using just his instrument.

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