Impromptu Mall Duet: Teen Joins Pianist for Stunning Performance of ‘Ave Maria’

Bythu lita

Apr 3, 2024
ave maria performance

A crowded mall is certainly an unexpected place for a stunning “Ave Maria” performance. However, that’s exactly what occurred when Dr. Brendan Kavanagh sat down at the piano, joined by his talented 17-year-old student, Miranda. This is one performance you don’t want to miss!

As the elevator ascends and descends right behind this duo, and people are casually walking by, a young woman and her accompanist begin to perform a classic Christmas hit. “Ave Maria” is a captivating and melodically intriguing song.

Brendan Kavanagh Education

The student’s name is Miranda, and her teacher is Dr. Brendan Kavanagh. She focuses on the lyrics found on her phone and vocalizes with such confidence and joy. Her voice is truly angelic.

Miranda has a stunning soprano voice, which causes others to gather around. The crowd cheers at the end of their performance. They stand together and thank the onlookers. The two of them then talk about her love for opera. Dr. Kavanagh tells the camera to check out more of Miranda’s music. She shares her Instagram at Miranda OA.

A Stunning ‘Ave Maria’ Performance

It is really wonderful watching the music teacher show such faith and confidence in his student. What is also beautiful is the two of them sharing their love for music across the generations. I love how Dr. Kavanaugh is promoting this young woman in her specific gift.

Although the teacher is likely far more experienced than his student, he is cultivating her talent and directing others to her work. This is a sweet reminder that God has entrusted us as His children with His callings and gifts.

Apart from the Lord, we can do nothing. But He provides us with platforms of opportunity, and we ultimately redirect those moments for His glory.

WATCH: Dr. K And Miranda Opera With ‘Ave Maria’ Performance

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