Kelly Clarkson Wows with Stunning Cover of 80s Hit ‘Kids in America’

Bythu lita

Mar 26, 2024

Kelly Clarkson, the popular singer and TV host sings a stunning rendition of the 1980s hit ‘Kids in America’ by Kim Wilde.

Kelly Clarkson kids in America

Kelly Clarkson rose to fame with her American Idol victory in 2002. Her first single, ‘A Moment Like This,’ was a huge hit. Since then, she has released several successful albums. Her album ‘Breakaway’ was especially popular, featuring songs like ‘Since U Been Gone.’ This album won her two Grammy Awards. Clarkson is known for blending pop music with personal stories, making her songs relatable.

Apart from singing, Kelly has made a mark on TV. She has been a coach on The Voice, helping new singers. Her talk show has earned her several Emmy Awards.

Clarkson’s performance of ‘Kids in America’ has received lots of praise. Some people even think her version is better than the original. One person wrote “Knocked it out of the park once again…..this is awesome”. Another person commented “I felt more excited everytime Kelly is performing in this genre, she is amazing.”

WATCH: Kelly Clarkson Sings Kim Wilde’s ‘Kids in America’

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