Mini Mozart: Unveiling the Talents of an 11-Year-Old Pianist who Transforms Thunderstorms into Beautiful Music

Bythu lita

Dec 20, 2023

Back in Syria, when Marcel Ward was not yet six years old, his father bought him a small toy keyboard. He discovered the “demo” button that set the little piano to play more elaborate pieces by itself, and that became the challenge: Marcel wanted to become a better player than the keyboard. And he did.

From Syria, Marcel moved with his family to escape the war — first to Dubai, then Hamilton, Ontario. He’s 11 years old now and his love for the keyboard hasn’t diminished. He plays at the restaurant his father opened in downtown Hamilton, entertaining the customers with classical music when he’s not helping serve food. Sharing his music with other people is vital for Marcel. “It’s important that I’m playing for people because I can’t just play for myself,” he says. “I have to play for others to make them happy.”

Marcel Ward. (CBC Arts)

When I play the piano, I try not to think of anything else. It’s about feeling and living inside the music.– Marcel Ward

Recently, Marcel has set himself a new challenge: composing his own music. He’s gone from self-taught to classically trained, studying at the Royal Conservatory of Music. And in this video, part of the Art Kids series, you meet Marcel (whose family calls him “Mini Mozart”) as he composes a new song — inspired by a thunderstorm — that he’s dreaming of playing for the whole world. We wouldn’t bet against that dream coming true.

Special thanks to additional cinematographer Alex Humilde and to the Hamilton Conservatory of the Arts.

Art Kids is a CBC Arts series that travels the country to find the next generation of groundbreaking creators in arts from painting, to dance, to poetry. Their accomplishments will amaze you — and might make you feel a little bad about yourself. But that’s okay.

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