‘Mozart of England’ revealed his piano talent at the age of 2

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Dec 17, 2023

Mini Mozart: Experts amazed as girl, two, performs her first piano concert | Daily Mail Online
Lavinia learned to play the piano just six weeks before stepping on stage to perform in front of 200 people in the hall of a suburban church in Plymouth.
Her hands are still so small that they can only cover a few keys at the same time. And to reach the piano, Ramirez had to sit on a chair that was higher than usual, and at that age she had to concentrate hard to avoid playing the piano and looking away at the same time.

Although she only played one song, “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” at the end of a performance at her music school, Ramirez was hailed as a future young artist – a talented young pianist. best in England.

Ramirez’s teacher, Ms. Matej Lehocky, said that the girl’s talent was admirable and praised her young student’s excellence.

“Playing the piano at that age is something very extraordinary, very special. Often children are too young to control themselves or do what is asked of them. Usually they just play around with the keys and get bored.”

Lavinia – who just celebrated her 3rd birthday on July 18 – learned to play the piano just 6 weeks before stepping on stage to perform in front of 200 people in the hall of a suburban church in Plymouth.

By the time she stepped on stage to perform, she had only attended 8 lessons. Mr. Lehocky – a former student of the prestigious Prague Conservatory, who studied piano since the age of 4 – agreed to tutor Lavinia after realizing that she was very bright and eager to learn.

Lavinia likes to listen to classical music, sometimes asking him how to play it. Bizet’s Carmen is the young genius’s favorite piece of music.

“She’s so grown-up, you forget that a 2-year-old girl is sitting there. She looked like she was 5 or 6 years old, but she was really just a child. So of course there are times when she gets distracted. But what she did was truly extraordinary. The coordination between hands and eyes is truly remarkable.”

“Lavinia can play ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’ with both hands at the same time. I think in just 8 months she can sit with first graders. I don’t know anyone who can do that at 3 years old.” Lavinia was also nicknamed Little Mozart after performing in concerts (although Mozart did not start playing the piano until he was almost 4 years old).

Neither of her parents played any musical instruments, but Lavinia showed an interest in music after being given a toy piano for Christmas.

Jenna Ramirez, Lavinia’s mother, shared: “I don’t know who Lavinia inherited her brain from. She’s smarter than me. When she was less than 2 years old, she could write numbers and letters and recognize them in books…”

“She plays the piano at home, using a higher chair in the dining room instead of a piano chair. Sometimes she plays or doesn’t play all day, sometimes she doesn’t play for a whole week. We let our children make their own decisions. We won’t pressure her. We just want our child’s abilities to develop naturally” – said the mother of two children.

Playing the piano at age 3 is not unheard of, but Lavinia’s progress and confidence are extremely rare.

After watching a video of Lavinia playing, Royal Colleges of Music chief examiner John Holmes said she “has shown great talent and has clearly made excellent progress in just one year.” The first 2 months”.

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