Musician Plays Piano as Adoring Dog Watches with Pure Fascination

Bythu lita

Dec 29, 2023

Talented pianist Paul Barton performed a beautiful composition from Hachiko while his loving dog Sharky stretched across the piano.

Talented pianist Paul Barton often plays new sheet music at his piano while his dog Sharky listens close by. This time, Sharky decided to get closer to the action.

The mid-sized dog stretched to full length across the top of the piano, draping his arms near the keys while Barton played.

Barton was practicing the Anthony Silvestre score, ‘Hachiko,’ which is based on a story about a dog who waits for his master every day at the train station.

It was a fitting piece for Barton, who rescued Sharky from a shelter in Thailand before bringing him home. Now, Sharky never leaves his side.

Even if it means sleeping on the piano while Barton plays music, Sharky will always be a meaningful and loving presence in Barton’s life.

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