Pianist Rocks the Shopping Center with a Stunning ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ Performance

Bythu lita

Jan 11, 2024

Pianist Plays Incredible Piano Version Of Sweet Child O’ Mine In A Mall

Glaucio Cristelo is a Brazilian pianist who has become a star on YouTube by playing his own instrumental covers of famous pop and rock songs. Most of the time, he stands as he plays in a manner very reminiscent of Jerry Lee Lewis.

He certainly demonstrates the same passion, skill and love of music as the famous performer. Cristelo has released five albums of his music onto streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify, including a Christmas album in 2014.

As many musicians do nowadays, Cristelo plays on pianos in shopping malls and uploads the performances onto YouTube. Many of these videos have over half a million views, but one that has proved very popular shows him playing in a mall in Rio de Janeiro.

In the video below he plays one of the most popular and catchy tunes of the 1980s, A-ha’s Take On Me.

It’s hard to say why one clip attracts more views than another, but in this case, it may be because he chose one of the most well known piano progressions in history. His performance of Coldplay’s “Clocks” live in a shopping center is something to marvel over.

Quickly, however, he launches into the unmistakable opening melody for the song, and the crowd pulls out their phones. It is evident at once that this is going to be something worth recording. Cristelo starts to get into the song with a backing beat provided courtesy of a laptop on top of the piano.

It has to be said he doesn’t look like most people’s idea of a pianist. He’s wearing jeans and has shaggy hair and tattooed arms. Somehow this just adds to the performance.

As Cristelo plays, he sways back and forth, seeming to be expressing the song as much with his body as he does with his piano. His love for the piano and for performing is clear for all the world to see, and it’s impossible not to smile as you watch him play.

As he nears the end, Cristelo builds up to a big finish, he shakes his head, and his fingers fly over the keys. When he finishes with a final flourish, it’s no surprise that the crowd applaud warmly.


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