School Teacher Strikes a Chord: Witty Song and Ukulele Performance Earns Standing Ovation from Audience and Judges

Bythu lita

Mar 17, 2024

When we were kids, a lot of us dreamed we would be rich and famous someday, without even knowing what that really meant. We were mesmerized by the stars of stage, screen and song: they clearly had everything they wanted, lots of money and were recognized everywhere they went. Who could ask for anything more, right?


But as we got older we realized that those dreams, besides being very difficult to achieve, may not turn out to be what we really want after all. And that’s the gist of Abi Carter-Simpson’s whole performance. And I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it as much as I did.

By day, this 30-year-old Essex, England, native teaches school. By night she writes songs and dreams about what might be. Of course, she doesn’t let her students know about that. In fact, she never mentioned her Britain’s Got Talent audition to anyone before she showed up. When asked what she was going to tell them once she went back, she cleverly (and hopefully) said, “I’ll tell them I got through with flying colors!”

And once Abi started playing it was immediately evident that this was not going to be a quick “you’re rejected, time to go” from the judges. Her original song’s lyrics are immediately captivating–she sings about childhood and how we have all these plans about growing up. It’s at once nostalgic for us old people and hopeful for everyone. By the time it’s over, I was crying, laughing and cheering on this fantastic performer. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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