Talented Girl Plays Violin for a Donkey, and the Heartwarming Reaction Is Simply the Best!

Bythu lita

Jan 19, 2024

A cute video of a violinist serenading a donkey is going viral on the internet. The young girl plays the violin for the donkey and it seems completely mesmerized by the beautiful music.


God made animals in various shapes and sizes and for different purposes donkeys can carry heavy loads and they also make us smile with their cute antics.

This video is making many people smile, just look as the girl stands close to the donkey and plays the violin. She is a very talented violinist and the donkey can be seen appreciating her music as he gets all excited and starts braying as she plays the instrument.

The donkey seems like a fan of her music and appears to be encouraging her all the more, music has a way of bringing humans and animals together and this is exactly what is happening in the video.

This impromptu serenade by the owner for her donkey is just so cute and adorable and it has certainly made our day so much brighter.


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