Tears Flow as 14-Year-Old Sings About Her Parents’ Love, Getting Howie’s Golden Button

Bythu lita

Apr 22, 2024

In a heartwarming episode of Canada’s Got Talent, contestant Shea Liu delivered a stirring rendition of “Like My Father.” This poignant song encapsulates the deep bond between her parents, despite the physical distance imposed by her father’s work in China. Liu’s performance, charged with emotion, beautifully conveyed the steadfast love of a father who, though often absent, remains deeply connected to his family. Her vocal prowess not only captivated the audience but also earned the prestigious golden buzzer from judge Howie Mandel.


The lyrics of “Like My Father” touch on universal themes of love and commitment that resonate widely. Liu’s interpretation brought these themes to the forefront, emphasizing that true affection transcends physical boundaries and time zones. This message is particularly powerful in today’s global landscape, where many families are similarly stretched across continents yet strive to maintain close ties. Liu’s delivery was both powerful and delicate, a balance that highlighted her vocal range and emotional intelligence.

Shea Liu’s journey on Canada’s Got Talent is not just a testament to her musical talent but also a reflection of her personal experiences. The backstory of her father’s frequent trips to China for work adds a layer of authenticity and poignancy to her performance. This narrative of family love and sacrifice adds depth to the song, making Liu’s rendition a standout moment in the season. The golden buzzer moment was a high point, signaling her potential to rise as a significant figure in the music industry.

The history of Canada’s Got Talent itself is marked by such breakthrough performances that often go on to define a season. Since its inception, the show has been a platform for uncovering hidden talents from across the nation, showcasing a diverse array of acts that include singers, dancers, and comedians. Liu’s performance fits into this tradition, adding her unique voice to the rich tapestry of the show’s legacy. Her ability to connect deeply with both the live audience and viewers at home through a universally relatable theme of familial love speaks volumes of her artistic maturity and broad appeal. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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