The Voice: Yodeling Ruby Leigh Captivates All Four Chairs with Country Classic

Bythu lita

Feb 29, 2024

No one could have predicted what Ruby Leigh brought to The Voice stage on night two of the Season 24 blind auditions. The 16-year-old from Foley, Mo., launched into a toe-tapping, knee-slapping rendition of Patsy Montana’s 1935 hit, “I Wanna Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart.”

In addition to her classic country sound, Leigh unleashed her secret weapon — yodeling.

‘The Voice': Yodeling Ruby Leigh Turns All Four Chairs With County Classic [Watch]

It didn’t take long for the judges to turn their chairs. John Legend was quick to hit his button — even before she began to yodel — but all four coaches’ ears perked up when she showcased her unique talent.

“I truly have never heard anything like what you just did,” Legend admits. “I loved how clear and precise and piercing and beautiful your tone was. And then when you started doing the yodeling it was like, how is a human being able to do the things you’re doing? You can win The Voice, honestly.”

Coach Niall Horan attempted to woo Leigh with a (failed) country accent. He was quickly called out by Reba McEntire, who said it was the worst Southern drawl she had ever heard. The country veteran then took her turn pitching her coaching skills to Leigh.

“As young as you are being a fan of Patsy Montana. I’m a third-generation rodeo brat, so Patsy Montana — a country western singer, not just country, there is a difference — I’m very flattered. Very proud of my heritage that you’re singing this song,” McEntire shares.

“Matter of fact, my mama could yodel, and she taught me how to yodel,” she adds before showing off her skills.

No surprises here, Leigh chose to be a part of Team Reba.



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