They Mocked Her, Stopped Her Midway – But She Proved Them Wrong and Touched Their Hearts

Bythu lita

Mar 11, 2024

Sometimes kids can put their parents in awkward situations: things they say and do can be embarrassing or cause problems for Mom or Dad.  But sometimes, they do something that turns out to be exactly what the parents need. This is one of those times.


Sian Pattison thought her voice was fine but her stage fright kept her from ever doing much with it. She was happy to be an account manager at work and take care of her three children. Until one day, her daughter signed her up for Britain’s Got Talent–and she got accepted!

Sian is clearly nervous and, to make things worse, Simon stops her shortly into her song and tells her he wants to hear something else. She’s now so nervous she can barely remember how the next song starts.  But Simon asks her to sing “With You,” and she comes through in a spectacular way that leaves everyone in tears!

This is a wonderful, heartwarming performance. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!


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