This Exquisite Violin and Piano Duet of ‘Hallelujah’ Will Leave You Breathless with Its Unmatched Beauty and Emotion

Bythu lita

Apr 19, 2024

This wonderful video shows two talented musicians creating a marvelous rendition of the popular Leonard Cohen classic “Hallelujah” using technology that makes his violin into a string quartet–and results in an incredible performance!


The award-winning musician Rob Landes has used the effect of looping his instrument to create this masterpiece. It is a process that allows a recorded section of a song to play back immediately so that another tune can be played on tip pf it.

This beautiful effect has allowed the violinist to perform violin trio with himself, accompanied in this beautiful rendition by Audry Pitcher, who has complemented wonderfully.

This beautiful infusion of timeless classic with a little spice of modern technology will surely blow your mind. Generally violins and stringed instruments are known for their ability to sound like human voice and violinist Rob Landes has amazingly portrayed this unique quality of his instrument.

Watch this wonderful creation below and tell us in your Facebook comments what you thought!

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