Unprecedented Moment: Simon’s Remark Leaves Judges Stunned

Bythu lita

Mar 7, 2024

Many people tend to judge by what they see on the surface. This clip from America’s Got Talent is here to prove to you that no matter how young and inexperienced one may look, they can still be as skilled and outstanding as a professional. Madison Taylor Baez is only 11 years old and has the voice of an angel. There are not many like her!

The producers play a trick on the judges and hide Maddie in the audience, then ask for volunteer singers. The audience is quickly cheering her on and many are on their feet.

Simon joins halfway through her performance and, without knowing, invites her up to the stage after hearing her angelic voice. There she shines, proving her potential to the world. Watch the rest of the video to see how it all plays out and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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