Violinist Attempts to Serenade Lioness with Amusing Results

Bythu lita

Jan 17, 2024

Whales have songs, and birds sing, but do wild animals like lions and tigers enjoy music? Doesn’t seem so, because one lioness got so irate at a violinist that she wanted to attack him.


The irate lioness at the Oklahoma zoo was not at all impressed by this violinist’s performance that she leapt at the zoo glass to attack him. Kyle Dillingham visited the lion enclosure to serenade the lions there, but as soon as he began playing the violin, the lioness appeared to get angry and wanted him to stop the performance.

Kyle started singing and frantically played the violin, which did not go down well with the lioness and she began to lunge and attack the thick glass of the cage where she was kept. Kyle then started giving chase to the lioness and can be seen running along the glass with the lioness chasing behind her.

Finally when Kyle finishes his act, the lioness stops and the violinist is seen making an exit from there. Kyle said: “It is true that music can sooth the savage beast… but perhaps not until after a dance!”

If Kyle was out in the open with the lioness, God only knows what would have happened to him, but this is such a cute and hilarious video to start off our Friday.

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