Witness the Beautiful Piano Mastery of a Skillful Five-Year-Old Maestro

Bythu lita

Dec 29, 2023

A five-year-old boy called Evan Le is a Vietnamese-American child with a superbly natural gift. He is a child that plays the piano like a pro. He first heard a piece of music when he was over two-years-old, and became obsessed with playing the piano by the time he turned three. His parents then gave him his own electric piano to explore his skills.

As soon as he would hear a piece of kid’s music, he would replay it on his piano. Evan joined the Virtuosos Russian Music Academy in 2014 to become a pianist. From there, he has learned to compose his own music. His exceptional listening abilities help him to learn any tune off by heart in a short period.

In the video, you can see little Evan take up playing Chopin’s Minute Waltz. It is unbelievable how his little fingers glide across the keyboard of the piano with absolute precision. You can see the concentration and focus of the piece that he is playing on his face throughout the entire piece. He has achieved quite a lot at such a young age!


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