This 23-Year-Old Girl Was Extremely Nervous And Stumbled Over Simon’s Question, But Her Singing Voice Blew Him Away

Bykieu trang

Jun 10, 2024

Auditions can be one of the most nerve-wracking things–especially if it’s one of the biggest talent shows and you know that people around the world are watching. You stand alone on the stage with thousands of people in the audience. It sure isn’t easy to begin your piece.Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist dies aged 32 after battle with cancer leaving ITV viewers devastated | The Sun

Like 23-year old Emma Jones, who was full of nerves as she walks in the stage of Britain’s Got Talent. She enters the stage timidly with a dry mouth and can’t even look at Simon Cowell as he asks her questions. She stood at the stage frightened and even stuttered a bit when asked why she joined the contest, in which she answered: “I just wanted to try it and see if you liked my voice.”

After admitting to being nervous, the crowd also nervously waits for her to start. A few seconds passed by and Emma closes her eyes. Can she gather up the courage to perform? Can she find her voice? The crowd and the judges must be thinking of this as they wait. 

Until finally, Emma opens her mouth and started singing, holding the microphone with shaky hands. She blew everyone away with her rendition of an Opera classic song, Ave Maria. The judges can’t help but smile widely. The usual cold judge, Simon Cowell even joined the other judges to give Emma a standing ovation.

She was shocked by how the crowd responded to her performance. She stood at the stage in disbelief after everyone cheered on her and gave her thunderous applause. Judge Amanda Holden told her that she hit every note and Simon Cowell followed: “It was a lot better than solid. It was fantastic. You’re just a really good special person.” All four judges gave a unanimous decision to send her to the next round. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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