BGT Fans Cry Foul, Accusing Show of Copying America’s Got Talent with Unusual Opening Audition

Bynguyen hang

Apr 22, 2024

BRITAIN’S Got Talent made a statement tonight with its first act declaring they were the greatest show.

The trouble was that some fans had already seen their novel AI technology on another version of the programme.

The judges were a surprise feature of the opening audition
The judges were a surprise feature of the opening audition
The Greatest Showman deepfake split opinion
The Greatest Showman deepfake split opinion

Moments after the final note been belted out there were complaints that the franchise was getting inspiration from across the pond. appeared before the judges dressed as characters from Hugh Jackman’s hit musical The Greatest Showman.

Each of the four singers had a camera placed in front of their faces which then projected images onto a big screen behind them.

Though all wasn’t as it seemed, as the judges – Simon, Brunot Tonioli, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon – were shocked to see themselves staring back at them.

The clever deepfake tech went down a treat in the Palladium, a year after a virtual cat called Noodle stunned viewers.

However, some recognised the tech from elsewhere.

One person wrote on X: “This was literally on the Americans Got Talent.”

Another said: “Wasn’t this exact same act on America’s Got Talent???”

A third said: “Well this was on America Got Talent 2 years ago.”

While it wasn’t Rask who performed on AGT, Simon did witness a similar performance from Metaphysic who made it to the semi-finals.

One of their memorable performances saw singer Daniel belt out a rousing You’re The Inspiration while the tech mocked him up as Simon.

Later on in tonight’s show there was another familiar face.

Lucy Heath, who finished 7th with her dog as Trip Hazard in 2016, was back with other pooches.

The Trickstars were sensational with Amanda and Bruno calling them the best dog act in the show’s history.

While dog-lover Simon said: “What you did is actually impossible. I’ve never seen an act like this. It’s incredible.”

Unsurprisingly, Lucy and her dogs received four yeses.

Simon was part of a deepfake act on America's Got Talent last year
Simon was part of a deepfake act on America’s Got Talent last year

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